Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey guys, remember Joaquin Pastor? The star of Bold Native? Basically the most magical, coolest dude ever. I interviewed him back like three summers ago and his interview tops No Age's to this day! Crazay. Anyways, he made an awesome video that I want you guys to watch:


I'm not very computer savvy, otherwise I wouldn't just copy and paste a link...ENJOY!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quick playlist!

Hey all! I was really happy to see all the awesome feedback from my last post. Hearing that I summed up how others felt when they were young (or how they feel now) made me feel super great.

I wanted to make a short playlist that's not really in any particular form, but whatever comes to mind right now.

Wilco-Heavy Metal Drummer
Twin Shadow-Five Seconds
The Kinks-Waterloo Sunset

Enjoy! Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This is an All Ages Post

I’m definitely not fifteen. Ask me anything, but I’m definitely not fifteen. Well, I guess speaking the years it has been since I was born you’re right but I’m definitely not fifteen. I’m definitely not a tenth grader, although I’ve had a total of ten school years so far. As a person, I’m definitely older than fifteen.

Recently, I came across an internship that sounded amazing. I applied, made a resume (for the first time), and didn’t hear anything back regarding if I had been accepted for the internship or not. A friend informed me that they accept kids in their later years of high school typically. Boy o boy, I’ve heard this way too many times. Sorry, you can’t watch this movie because you’re not 18. Apologies, we can’t let you into this show because you’re not 18. Sorry, we don’t think you should get any advantage in life since you’re not 18. Apologies. Apologies. Apologies.

I feel like the world tells youth that your life doesn’t start until you’re eighteen. There are so many restrictions adults give us. Our opinions don’t matter because we’re kids and we’re too young to have any sort of political voice to name just a few. Yet, when we graduate high school and we’re then officially adults. You know, it’s just like BOOM! HAHA you’re eighteen and graduated, welcome to the real world SUCKA! Time to get a job! When quite frankly, we have been trying to get a job and learn about things that truly interest us for awhile, but we’ve been restricted from those things because of society’s limitations on us. Going through high school and taking math classes like geometry, I’m sorry, but that’s a complete waste of my time. Let someone who is thinking about becoming an engineer or architect take those classes and let me use my time for a class I’d really appreciate. Why do we have to wait four years to start learning about things we actually care about? We’d be so ahead of the game if we started studying subjects that would help us in life as opposed to taking health. This is why I’ve chosen to do independent study. So I can start learning about things I love now, while taking high school classes (in a fraction of the time).

I’m over this ageism. To some people, when I explain that I do independent study I get a somewhat negative response. It’s as though I’m the one who’s slacking off. What? Because I don’t feel like sitting in a classroom hearing a bored teacher explain math to me? Because I don’t want to waste my time? According to, well, society when you’re fifteen you should be in high school studying for your physics test, playing soccer, and hanging out with your boyfriend. It’s hilarious how high school obsessed America is. That whole Breakfast Club-Sixteen Candles-insert your favorite 80’s film- idea gets shoved down our throats. “You’ll miss out on the high school experience!” which for me was spinning my wheels and hanging out with kids who a lot of the time I didn’t have much more in common with besides the fact that we go to the same school. All because I’m fifteen.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go to a show and then find out that it’s 21+ or 18+. So because I’m not eighteen I can’t enjoy live music? Or are you worried some kid is going to start drinking and smoking? I guarantee you half the reason that kid will pick up a beer and cigarette is because of those age limitations society has given us. It’s only natural to want to rebel in a dated society like this. I’m so lucky to have been raised with being able to watch the films I want, listen to the music I want, read about the things I want, and talk about the things I want that so many parents never let their children do. Would I feel tempted at a show to drink? Not at all. I think that says a lot about the way I was raised. When society is basically raising you, though, you’ll probably have a completely different answer. You’ve had all of these rules, up until you’re an adult, and then you get to break them all at once. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I’m not going to wait until I’m eighteen to start my career and learning about the things I find interesting. It’s sad to think that I will continue to miss out on so many awesome opportunities because of those double digits that come after my name that don’t resemble who I am at all.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry sorry sorry

Hey dawgs. Sorry for not posting more often. I have been busy with film class and contributing pieces to zines, and practicing guitar, and schoolwork, and reading! I'd like to post more often, that'd be cool. Here are some things that have been going through my mind lately:

-Men need to shut their mouths about birth control
-Just Kids is a fantastic book!
-Man oh man I hope I'm able to get freshman and sophomore years done by the end of the school year!
-Johnny Cash is so amazing
-The Graduate is the best movie ever
-People need to stop being so content with watching TV and going on gossip sites and start getting educated with what's going on with the world
-Deerhunter is so good, why did I wait to listen to them until just now?

Hopefully I'll talk to you guys soon, I really appreciate your love!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I don't have much time these days, you and me both. As always there's a lot to do and get done. However, I'd like to tell you about some great films I've seen lately.

The Artist- I LOVED this movie. This film didn't lack originality at all. The actors were adorable, the silence, black and white, and the time period were all very refreshing. You must watch it.

Somewhere- I really love Somewhere. Sofia Coppola is ridiculously awesome and talented. Some people hated the long scenes of just silence, but I really loved how that gave you a feeling of what it's like to live Johnny Marco's life-it really showed the haziness of what his life is like.

The Future- If you know me well you know how much I love Miranda July. She's definitely one of my role models. Her films are beautiful, and very unique, you won't see a talking cat or an animated tee shirt in one film by anyone else.

Beginners- This movie was absolutely lovely! Very entertaining and realistic. Because it's a true story, the film was definitely one of a kind. I just loved the way it was put together.

Friday, December 30, 2011


It's finally here! The best songs of 2011! This list I think really varied on my mood, to be quite honest. Although I do think the order is right.

1. Atlas Sound-Mona Lisa
2. Bleached-Electric Chair
3. King Krule- The Noose of Jah City
4. M83-Midnight City
5. Real Estate-Green Aisles
6. Girls-Vomit
7. Yuck-Soothe Me
8. Youth Lagoon-Cannons
9. Neon Indian-Polish Girl
10. PJ Harvey-The Words That Make Maketh Murder
11.Friends-Friend Crush
12. Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Bicycle
13. Ty Segall-Goodbye Bread
14. Wild Flag-Romance
15. The Antlers-Bear
16. Trailer Trash Tracys-Candy Girl
17.Chairlift-Sidewalk Safari
18. Grimes-Oblivion
19.Vivian Girls-The Other Girls
20. Hunx and His Punx-Too Young to be in Love

Enjoy! Let me know if you think this is the right placing.

P.S. I drew a picture for this but it won't scan properly! AH!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Police Brutality. I'm angry.

The past couple of months I've been working on a documentary about the Occupy Movement for my film class. It seems every week the government and the police turn violent on the protesters.It really gets to me how police are able to pepper spray, beat and pin protesters down to the ground, hurting them, in the name of keeping others safe. These peaceful protesters aren't harming anyone and the people watching the police brutality are urgently telling the police to stop! It's the police who are doing the abuse.

In the First Amendment, it's our right to peacefully protest. It's stated clearly. There is no reason for us to get pepper sprayed, tackled by multiple police officers, and arrested when we're doing nothing but standing up for our gawd damn rights. Why isn't President Barack Obama speaking about this police brutality? I don't see him trying to prevent this from happening. Who are we supposed to go to when we can't even try and stop the brutality without getting harmed ourselves by police? It's like a cycle. First you're protesting the government and federal reserve. Then, you see others getting harmed by police. Then you start protesting the police brutality. Now you're the one getting harmed.

When we see this happening in another country our government leaders act appalled and condemn the countries leaders. The President would be speaking about it. So, Mr. President, if police brutality is happening here in the United States, the country you're representing in case you've forgotten being so busy with other foreign country deals, bailing out huge banks, etc. Why won't speak about it? Nice, dude.

I just feel disgusted that we the people do not, in some areas, have the right to peacefully protest. So UCDavis students don't have the right to protest when they're benefiting a California by going to a UC school. How backwards is that? Might I add that the policeman pepper spraying the students earns a $100,000 a year partly funded by these students' tuition.College students have done exactly what society told them to do by going to college. They have no choice but to be buried in debt when they graduate (unless they're the 1% of course. Good for you being born into a wealthy family.) so why can't they protest about that? Why do we have to have consequences for working hard, getting a college degree, and trying to find a job? When will life finally start paying off?

I have always been optimistic that in the future I'd be doing well financially. Now that college tuition has become crazy expensive I've been put in a catch 22 type situation. I can either go to college and graduate buried in debt and in hopes to find a job, or not go to college, lose the college