Monday, November 21, 2011

Police Brutality. I'm angry.

The past couple of months I've been working on a documentary about the Occupy Movement for my film class. It seems every week the government and the police turn violent on the protesters.It really gets to me how police are able to pepper spray, beat and pin protesters down to the ground, hurting them, in the name of keeping others safe. These peaceful protesters aren't harming anyone and the people watching the police brutality are urgently telling the police to stop! It's the police who are doing the abuse.

In the First Amendment, it's our right to peacefully protest. It's stated clearly. There is no reason for us to get pepper sprayed, tackled by multiple police officers, and arrested when we're doing nothing but standing up for our gawd damn rights. Why isn't President Barack Obama speaking about this police brutality? I don't see him trying to prevent this from happening. Who are we supposed to go to when we can't even try and stop the brutality without getting harmed ourselves by police? It's like a cycle. First you're protesting the government and federal reserve. Then, you see others getting harmed by police. Then you start protesting the police brutality. Now you're the one getting harmed.

When we see this happening in another country our government leaders act appalled and condemn the countries leaders. The President would be speaking about it. So, Mr. President, if police brutality is happening here in the United States, the country you're representing in case you've forgotten being so busy with other foreign country deals, bailing out huge banks, etc. Why won't speak about it? Nice, dude.

I just feel disgusted that we the people do not, in some areas, have the right to peacefully protest. So UCDavis students don't have the right to protest when they're benefiting a California by going to a UC school. How backwards is that? Might I add that the policeman pepper spraying the students earns a $100,000 a year partly funded by these students' tuition.College students have done exactly what society told them to do by going to college. They have no choice but to be buried in debt when they graduate (unless they're the 1% of course. Good for you being born into a wealthy family.) so why can't they protest about that? Why do we have to have consequences for working hard, getting a college degree, and trying to find a job? When will life finally start paying off?

I have always been optimistic that in the future I'd be doing well financially. Now that college tuition has become crazy expensive I've been put in a catch 22 type situation. I can either go to college and graduate buried in debt and in hopes to find a job, or not go to college, lose the college


Vegyogini said...

Beautifully written, my sweet. I'm so proud of your consistent, conscious activism. xoxo said...

Thanks for this post. I hope by the time you go to college things have improved. And I hope that the Occupy movement wakes up more people to the problem of state repression and police brutality. I can't wait to see your documentary on Occupy.