Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sorry sorry sorry

Hey dawgs. Sorry for not posting more often. I have been busy with film class and contributing pieces to zines, and practicing guitar, and schoolwork, and reading! I'd like to post more often, that'd be cool. Here are some things that have been going through my mind lately:

-Men need to shut their mouths about birth control
-Just Kids is a fantastic book!
-Man oh man I hope I'm able to get freshman and sophomore years done by the end of the school year!
-Johnny Cash is so amazing
-The Graduate is the best movie ever
-People need to stop being so content with watching TV and going on gossip sites and start getting educated with what's going on with the world
-Deerhunter is so good, why did I wait to listen to them until just now?

Hopefully I'll talk to you guys soon, I really appreciate your love!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't call me dawg. :)